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O nce when traveling in a small city in the Middle East my wife and I waited too long to have dinner. For starters there are some really slick interior furnishings. That may sound like a gag, but by the end of the film the wood finished table-top radio and off-white parallelogram lampshades will turn to ruin as the docile, affluent community of Sorgenfri is destroyed by the undead.

Kid sister Maj Ella Solgaard is an adorable moppet with a pet rabbit, who suddenly looks delicious once the government halts their food deliveries. The first signs of some sort of viral outbreak pop up slowly: a vomiting child at a party, a missing retiree, a shrub spattered in blood, ambulances racing down a would-be quiet street. Soon families are told to stay indoors, followed by thick tarps covering all the windows. The slow change of a familiar interior space into one in which government interference and eventual violence becomes normalized is, terrifyingly, probably quite accurate.

Fear immobilizes intelligent people to do what they are told, even though the tipping point beyond self-interest seems obvious. Men in hazmat suits holding machine guns have that effect, I imagine. Alice Cooper. Alice Cooper Vs. Alice in Sunderland. Alice Matheson. Alien Bounty Hunter. Alien Encounters. Alien Legion. Alien Legion: Dead and Buried.

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