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Who would have thought a costume drama, a love story aboard a boat that sinks, was going to move anybody?

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The times define themselves as we move through time. I just sort of shoot in the dark. A media-literate producer is capable of speaking the language with fluency. A gospel storyteller who can achieve this will empower a human being beyond any message that the world may have to offer. Consider professional football.

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As one might guess, the moniker arose because the last pick in the draft often fails to make the final roster, making the selection irrelevant to the team. Instead of the famous running back with extended arm, this trophy features a shocked player dropping the ball.

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The idea of relevancy can get a little crazy, in both professional football and in ministry. You might guess their opinion. It reflects the relevancy concerns of the seeker movement that has been popular since the s. On the other hand, some might say the recent movement called Emergent could be appropriately named Irrelevant, with its emphasis on stepping away from pop culture awareness and its search for new, authentic expressions of faith.

This debate extends back through Christian history. The pastor is highly interested in relevance. His desire is to break down barriers that prevent people from encountering Jesus. This is the essence of the Incarnation.

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This is the doctrine of sanctification, or to be made holy and set apart for God. It could be said that his focus is on the divine Jesus — the one who became transfigured on the mountaintop. These may seem like fairly opposite goals and beliefs. In some ways, they are. But these two points of view are not mutually exclusive and can and we should coexist in the way the Gospel is communicated.

For this church, it has on occasion created tension. But his church is better off for it. When a congregation experiences this paradox, it is in a very real way reflecting an ancient tension.

At the Council of Chalcedon, in the year , the church confessed Jesus as truly man, truly God. Two natures that are in perfect unity.

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This belief is about as universal as it gets in the Christian Church. Sproul states,. If the two natures—human and divine—are equally present in Jesus, this means the challenge for those in ministry is to always hold the two in tension: To not get so engrossed in connection that discipleship is lost, or not to get so engrossed in discipleship that the door closes to the world. At the church where I got my start in ministry, Ginghamsburg, we experienced a period in which the effort to be relevant surpassed the effort to create a thriving counter culture.

Taken from the classic tension, the emphasis on the human Jesus is now shifting back toward the divine Jesus.

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The use of visual media gets caught in the undertow when it is closely associated with relevant worship and is seen as primarily a tool for outreach. Digital media is not only for outreach purposes. It is true that biblical truth can be expressed in ways that are potentially more enlightening through images relevant to our culture, when compared to images that have long established meanings in the church.

But contrary to what some demonstrate, images may be used for devotion as well. Branding, which is commonly used in business, can seem out of place to churches. Media is a tool that can help churches fulfill their mission. While media is not a necessity, when used purposefully, it can play a role in enhancing worship and bringing people closer to Christ. Those looking to start or advance their ministry calling can pursue an online ministry degree from Southeastern University. Each program takes place in a fully online learning environment, allowing students to maintain their work and personal schedules.

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Graduates can pursue roles in almost every industry. This program is offered fully online. Opens in a new window Opens an external site Opens an external site in a new window. Call What is Media Ministry? Benefits of Media Ministry ShareFaith Magazine explains that church media is a useful tool for most churches today. Church media helps to emphasize the Gospel.

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Pastors use their voice, body language and sometimes stage design to emphasize their message. Media further enhances and emphasizes the message by introducing another level of communication. By receiving a message in more than one way, the congregation can better remember it. Church media connects with people in a language that is understandable and familiar.