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He takes her back to his cabin and nurses her back to health.

But Henry is anxious to get her on her way. But who exactly is this Melody? What was she doing in the middle of the snowy forest?

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Why does she seem skilled in using a gun? The action consists of a few gunfights, the assassin thing, and snowmobiling. The thrills come from its cast of characters and they all have secrets…because everybody has secrets…right? Overall, Cold Blood just falls flat.

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Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. C2 If someone kills in cold blood , they kill in a way that seems especially cruel because it seems to show no emotion.

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Some cops are naturally on the case of the slain billionaire, but who the heck is this motley crew? He and his older boss whose accent is completely bizarre are here to connect the dots for the audience, except that they take all film long to get to the point, and you already got to the point after 10 minutes.

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In addition to all the bad accents, there are a bunch of poorly dubbed speaking roles. But your main takeaway will be shots of the Pacific Northwest actually shot in the Ukraine , and a story about a lonely girl who searched in vain for the warm heart of a cold billionaire father, only to find that warm heart at the core of a cold-blooded assassin. Film Reviews.

By Mark Jackson , Epoch Times.

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